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Episode 25 - Getting to Product/Market Fit and Building Effective Product Teams (with Harpal Singh)

Digital Transformation
Product Principles
Episode 25 - Getting to Product/Market Fit and Building Effective Product Teams (with Harpal Singh)
13 Jan 2021
Harpal Singh head shot
Harpal is an award-winning Product Consultant and Interim CPO. Harpal is passionate about Product/Market Fit and author of a new (free!) Product/Market Fit playbook. We talk about how to get to Product/Market Fit, why he decided to write a book about it, how that helped him test his assumptions, and much more.
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About the Episode

Harpal is an award-winning product consultant and interim CPO with long experience working with a variety of startups and helping them set up effective product teams and achieving Product/Market Fit. We talk about his journey and specifically:

  • The benefits of being a consultant and how it's helped him to be a better leader
  • His passion for Product/Market Fit and why he wrote a playbook on it
  • His ambitions for the book and how it's helped him challenge his assumptions
  • What Product/Market Fit really means, why it's not just about MVPs, and the concept of a "Hair On Fire" problem
  • The importance of Marketing when finding Product/Market Fit and not being led solely by technology
  • The variability of the Product Manager role between companies & the importance of a career plan
  • The perils of poor LinkedIn content

Contact Harpal

You can reach out to Harpal on LinkedIn.

Get the playbook

You can get Harpal's free e-book here: The Elusive Art And Science Of Finding Product/Market Fit.

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