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Episode 26 - Empathy, Mentorship and The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion (with Ana Kresina)

Diversity & Inclusion
Women in Product
Episode 26 - Empathy, Mentorship and The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion (with Ana Kresina)
17 Jan 2021
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Ana is a Product Manager at Redbubble and a self-declared vagabond. We talk about her journey into Product, how important it is to have mentorship, how you can build empathy, and how reviewing your communication skills is a must. We also talk about her passion for inclusion & diversity and some of the work that's left to do to build truly inclusive organisations.
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About the Episode

Ana is a self-described vagabond, a Canadian living in Australia, passionate Product Manager at Redbubble, a leading online art marketplace. We speak about the following and more:

  • Ana's journey into Product Management from Marketing via UX
  • The importance of guidance and mentorship at the early stages of a PM career
  • The importance of getting shots on goal early
  • Some of the systemic problems with returning to work after maternity leave
  • How we're pretty far from having acceptable diversity in tech & product, but at least the conversations have started

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