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Episode 3 - Challenges & opportunities of autism in Product (with Marton Gaspar)

Diversity & Inclusion
Product Leadership
Episode 3 - Challenges & opportunities of autism in Product (with Marton Gaspar)
13 Sep 2020
Marton Gaspar head shot
An interview with Marton Gaspar, neuro-atypical product leader, advocate for autism awareness in the workplace, producer of a literally secret sauce. Marton talks about some of the challenges and benefits of autism in the workplace, how colleagues and hiring managers tend to treat autistic candidates, and how neurotypical people seem to autistic people.
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About the Episode

Marton is a freelance product leader, expert in product discovery, and passionate advocate for neurodiversity in the workplace. I came to know of him after he put out a video on LinkedIn "Working with Autism - powers & challenges". We speak about a lot, including

  • What is autism and what is it not?
  • How a diagnosis of autism made so much sense
  • What made him make a video challenging our assumptions about autism
  • Some of the challenges of autism in the workplace
  • Dos and don'ts when dealing with autistic colleagues
  • An insight into how he views neurotypical people through the lens of autism

More info about autism

There's plenty of info about autism online. A few good charities or organisations include

National Autistic Society (UK)

Ambitious about Autism (UK)

Autism Canada (Canada)

Autism Society (US)

Contact Marton

You can reach out to Marton on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Watch Marton's video

You can see "Working with Autism - powers & challenges" here.

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