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Episode 33 - Data-driven Product Delivery & Story Points on Everything (with James Rooney)

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Episode 33 - Data-driven Product Delivery & Story Points on Everything (with James Rooney)
10 Feb 2021
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An interview with James Rooney. James is a Delivery Manager at Discovery Inc, working on VOD platforms and ensuring that his teams are able to work effectively and deliver constant value. James speaks about the way he approaches his work and how uses data to inform his delivery decisions. James believes you can use story points for everything and that they're going to save the world. He even takes his story point addiction to developing his budding music career!
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About the Episode

James is a Delivery Manager for Discovery Inc., a VOD entertainment platform. James is a passionate advocate for using story points for just about everything, and using data to inform delivery decisions. We speak about a few topics, including:

  • How to bring delivery together across multiple technical streams for a big media company
  • The interplay between Delivery and Product and the importance of a good Product Manager
  • How to get Product, Delivery & Engineering to work harmoniously
  • How story points can save the world and how to use them properly
  • Whether Scrum is any good and some of the ways to make it work for your business
  • The tricky balance between Product Delivery and fixing tech debt
  • How to use the data you already have to help inform future delivery decisions
  • How to use data to sell your message to the leadership team
  • How running a band and running Product Delivery are pretty similar

And much more!

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You can reach out to James on LinkedIn.

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