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I'm Jason Knight and I'm the creator, host, producer, editor and promoter of the One Knight in Product podcast. It's a fireside chat style podcast where I aim to speak to people in and around digital product management, get their perspectives, learn from their experiences and share their stories. From the start, I wanted to make this an inclusive podcast and I aim to cover a range of guests; from seasoned product leaders to people trying to make it into the business, from unknowns to influencers.

Some of my more high profile guests include: Marty Cagan (author of Inspired & Empowered), Janna Bastow (founder ProdPad & Mind The Product), Jackie Bavaro (author of Cracking the PM Interview & Cracking the PM Career), Carlos Villaumbrosia (founder Product School), Cindy Alvarez (author of Lean Customer Development) and Marc Abraham (author of My Product Management Toolkit & Managing Product = Managing Tension), April Dunford (author of Obviously Awesome).

But it's not all about the high profile guests, I genuinely look to cover a variety of diverse opinions and experiences and have a very strong interest in exploring diversity topics which are so, so important.

By day I'm a B2B product guy and lead the Product team for DueDil, a London-based RegTech startup. I've been getting disruptive products built for years, including biometric survey platforms (voice and face tracking), self-service survey platforms (sort of like Qualtrics), data-science backed trend prediction SaaS and now building APIs for financial services firms to automate their onboarding and risk selection. More than anything I'm a complete product management nerd; I love speaking about all things product management related, learning from other people's perspectives (and of course now sharing them with others).

I'm an occasional Medium writer and have written a few articles on Product Management and podcasting.

Sometimes I appear on other people's stuff (please email me if you'd like me to speak fo):

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You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter. Always happy to have a virtual coffee or a chat - just connect with me on social or send me an email at jason@oneknightinproduct.com.