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Episode 139 - Banishing Cynicism and Empowering Yourself as a Product Leader (with Claire Vo, CPO @ Color & Impending TikTok Influencer)

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Episode 139: Banishing Cynicism and Empowering Yourself as a Product Leader

Claire Vo, CPO @ Color & Impending TikTok Influencer

28 Aug 2022

28 Aug 2022 Claire Vo head shot

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About the Episode

Claire Vo is a product & technology executive leader, startup founder and future Queen of TechTok, who believes that cynicism and a negative mindset is product and career-limiting, and that people need to stop asking permission to do their jobs.

Here are some of Claire's insights about her career and approach to work:

A worthy mission is attractive, but an exceptional team is important

Claire moved to HealthTech because the opportunity was right. It's great to join a worthy company but you need a team you can work with, a problem you can contribute to & a company that needs your skills.

CPTOs can work well in the right context

There are a lot of benefits of having clear, joined up leadership between tech & product but it has to work for your organisation & you need a strong leader that ultimately supports the business and not one or other of the functions.

Frameworks alone aren't going to build a great product

Use frameworks as conversation starters and mechanisms to help you along but you still need to do the hard work of product management to actually make a difference in the world. Frameworks won't help you win on their own.

You can bring your whole self to the table & still be credible

It's possible for leaders to be credible & professional and have a sense of humour. It's important to bring your full self to work & to social media as long as you are respectful to your colleagues and customers.

Optimism trumps cynicism every time

Just because work can be hard doesn't mean you should have a negative mindset. It's important to be realistic & critical but mix this with a sense of optimism, "how might we" attitude and empower yourself as a product manager or leader.

There's still a lot to do to get proper inclusion at work

There continues to be bias against women & mothers at work. Women have to live up to expectations that men don't. Claire beat the system by refusing to ask for permission to do her job, and you should too.

Listen to the episode for this and more!

Contact Claire

You can reach out to Claire on Twitter, find her on LinkedIn, or most importantly on TikTok!

Claire Vo and me before the recording