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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 91 - Building the Future of Automated Crypto Trading with the DDDT Process (with Gabriele Musella, CEO @ Coinrule)

Design Thinking
Product Design

Episode 91: Building the Future of Automated Crypto Trading with the DDDT Process

Gabriele Musella, CEO @ Coinrule

16 Nov 2021

16 Nov 2021 Gabriele Musella head shot

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About the Episode

An interview with Gabriele Musella. Gabriele is the CEO of Coinrule, a YCombinator backed startup that aims to democratise crypto trading and enable people to set up their own automations to manage their investments for them. He's also created the DDDT framework to drive product decision-making and bring design thinking to the crypto space.

We speak about a lot, including:

  • The idea behind Coinrule, the rise of automated crypto trading and whether automated trading is as high pressure as it looks in the movies
  • Why being unregulated was a great way to build a trading startup and what the future might look like for crypto regulation
  • Whether Coinrule is actually using blockchain technology itself, and whether this would have any benefit for them as a company
  • How much of a crypto-fundamentalist he is, how he sees the space developing, and how blockchain energy usage chimes with his eco awareness
  • His experience with YCombinator, what he got out of the process apart from money, and how he learned to "prioritise like hell"
  • How Coinrule build products, the DDDT process he created and how it allows the company to Discover, Define, Design and Test products
  • How they talk to at least 100 users a month and built a culture of user research, and what it's like doing user research with such a passionate community
  • His mentorship work with Google Launchpad and how he's aiming to help early stage startups understand how to do UX better

And much more!

Contact Gabriele

You can contact Gabriele on Twitter or coinrule.com.