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Episode 160 - Getting the GIST of Evidence-Guided Product Development (with Itamar Gilad, Product Management coach, speaker and author)

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Product Principles

Episode 160: Getting the GIST of Evidence-Guided Product Development

Itamar Gilad, Product Management coach, speaker and author

15 January 2023

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About the Episode

Itamar Gilad is a product coach, consultant and regular content author who's worked at IBM, Microsoft and Google. Nowadays, he's trying to help companies get away from the feature factory and into the world of evidence-based product development with the GIST framework.

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Episode highlights:

Big Tech firms aren't exemplars of how to "do product"

We look to these firms for guidance, but they all build products differently & have created processes that work for them. What they do have are principles. We should copy the principles but work the way that works for us.

Prioritisation frameworks have a place but aren't going to create your roadmap

The numbers are guesses but are useful to start conversations & make sure you're asking the right questions. It's important to revisit scores over time to see what's changing as you learn new things.

Confidence is a logarithmic scale

Itamar uses the Confidence Meter to describe the different levels of confidence. This brings to life what you are describing when talking about confidence & shows it's not linear; the best evidence is substantially better than the weakest.

Refocusing on goals gets you away from rigid roadmaps

Itamar uses the GIST framework (Goals/Ideas/Steps/Tasks) to break down opportunities, prioritise for impact & get away from the feature factory. It's important not to kill ideas too quickly, and continuously revisit them.

Product management is about principles

The principles are customer focus, evidence-guided decision-making, adaptive planning & empowering teams. These are the cornerstones of product management. Customer focus is still the most important & everything else can flow from there.

Contact Itamar

You can catch up with Itamar on his website, where you can sign up to his mailing list and get access to his tools. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Itamar Gilad and me before the recording