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Episode 182 - Taking Control of your Career with Life-Changing Conversations (with Julie Starr, Author "The Coaching Manual", "The Mentoring Manual" & "Brilliant Coaching")


Episode 182: Taking Control of your Career with Life-Changing Conversations

Julie Starr, Author "The Coaching Manual", "The Mentoring Manual" & "Brilliant Coaching"

18 July 2023

18 July 2023 Julie Starr head shot

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Content Warning - May Contain Adult Language or Themes
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About the Episode

Julie Starr is a renowned coach and mentor, and author of several books on the topics. We had a deep and meaningful chat about the differences between coaching and mentoring, what it takes to be a good coach or mentor, and the impact of AI on coaching.

Episode highlights:

1. The expectations we have of leaders have changed

We're slowly moving away from Taylorist, resource-focused management to a less-directive style of leadership. Not all companies are there yet, but even laggards are seeing what other organisations are doing and the benefits it brings.

2. Coaching is a 1:1 relationship focused squarely on the person being coached

Coaches facilitate conversations of inquiry and aim to support their clients to take action, evolve and, ultimately, empower them to be the change they want to see in themselves.

3. Coaches do not need to be functional experts

At the heart of coaching is the art of coaching, not reflecting your own biases and life story onto people. A good coach can use fundamental coaching skills to coach anyone, whatever their life situation or career niche.

4. Mentoring is not the same as coaching, but it's also not binary

It's less useful to look at the specific behaviours and more at the dynamics of a mentoring relationship; that of benevolence from and respect for a more senior practitioner who has seen your situation before.

5. Not everything that counts can be measured

It's traditionally hard to attribute specific metrics to coaching or mentoring relationships, but that doesn't mean the effect isn't there. It's not always easy, but we can use qualitative data to show the impact of our efforts.

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