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Episode 143 - Beyond the Challenger Sale Part 1: JOLTING Customers out of "No Decision" (with Matt Dixon, Author "The Challenger Sale" & "The JOLT Effect")


Episode 143: Beyond the Challenger Sale Part 1: JOLTING Customers out of "No Decision"

Matt Dixon, Author "The Challenger Sale" & "The JOLT Effect"

25 Sept 2022

25 Sept 2022 Matt Dixon head shot

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About the Episode

Matt Dixon is a Wall Street Journal award-winning author and renowned researcher in the world of sales and customer success. He co-authored "The Challenger Sale" in 2011 which turned the world of B2B sales on its head, and encouraged salespeople around the world to take control of the customer conversation. He's now back with "The JOLT Effect" which tells us that our biggest problem with closing sales isn't losing to a competitor, but losing to no decision at all.

Here are some of the highlights of our discussion:

There was a big gap in data-based, factual research on sales and it needed filling

There are great sales books out there, but many of them are based on opinion and "what worked for me". Matt and his team took an outsiders' data-based approach and uncovered the surprising truth

The Challenger Sale divided the sales community but resonated with founders

Matt is not a salesman. This led some people to doubt his findings, but the data speaks for itself. The Challenger approach specifically resonated with startup founders who are natural challengers!

All our assumptions about what makes good salespeople are wrong

Sales have traditionally been taught to be relationship builders but in today's world of information overload, it's not enough to have a cosy conversation. Buyers need to be challenged, debated & given insight

Up to 60% of Sales are lost not to a competitor, but to "no decision"

It's not enough to defeat the status quo. Buyers can be afraid to make a decision whatever the status quo. The traditional sales playbook to solve this actually makes the problem worse.

Customers are stuck and we need to JOLT them into action

There's a playbook to defeat customer indecision that helps to take risk off the table & make buyers understand they're making a great decision. Product teams are crucial partners in helping sales teams do this.

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I interviewed Matt's co-author and co-conspirator Brent Adamson about his work and how we need to make products easy to buy, not just easy to sell. Check out the episode here.

Buy "The JOLT Effect"

The Jolt Effect cover

"In sales, the worst thing you can hear from a customer isn’t “no.” It’s “I need to think about it.” When this happens, deeply entrenched business advice says to double down on your efforts to sell a buyer on all the ways they might win by choosing you and your business. But this approach backfires dramatically. Why? Because it completely gets wrong the primary driver behind purchasing decision-making: once purchase intent is established, customers no longer care about succeeding. What they really care about is not failing."

Check it out on Amazon.

You can also check out book website.

Buy "The Challenger Sale"

The Challenger Sale cover

"The need to understand what top-performing reps are doing that their average performing colleagues are not drove Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson, and their colleagues at Corporate Executive Board to investigate the skills, behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes that matter most for high performance. And what they discovered may be the biggest shock to conventional sales wisdom in decades."

Check it out on Amazon.

Make sure you check out "The Challenger Customer" and "The Effortless Experience" too!

Contact Matt

You can hit Matt up on LinkedIn.

Matt Dixon and me before the recording