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Episode 104 - Pioneers, Settlers & Town Planners in Performance Design (with Richie Lokay, VP of Product Design and Services @ Wunderkind)

Design Thinking
Product Design
Scaling up

Episode 104: Pioneers, Settlers & Town Planners in Performance Design

Richie Lokay, VP of Product Design and Services @ Wunderkind

7 Jan 2021
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Content Warning - May Contain Adult Language or Themes

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About the Episode

An interview with Richie Lokay. Richie is the VP of Product Design & Services at Wunderkind, a "one-to-one performance marketing engine". Richie is passionate about the field of performance design and driving for a world where user experience meets customer experience.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • The mission behind Wunderkind, how they're balancing white glove services with products & tools to enable them to scale
  • The importance of mixing big picture strategy with an understanding of how the sausages are made, and knowing when to hand over to people with more suitable skills
  • The importance of having a good working dynamic between product, design & engineering teams, with each contributing their own unique skills to the mix
  • Why you need to get designers up the front of the funnel and make them true partners, and how to weigh up strategic decision making with actually having time to do the design
  • Whether it's possible for designers & developers to work well together in an agile, iterative fashion
  • The importance of good design systems as enablers for scale and how they can enable the big picture work
  • The concept of pioneers, settlers & town planners, what kind of mix you need in your team and who thrive in which environment

And much more!

Contact Richie

You can reach out to Richie via email of all places [email protected]. He's social media averse!

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