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Episode 96 - Breaking Down Silos in Product Development (with Sigurd Seteklev, Co-founder @ Kitemaker)

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Project Management

Episode 96: Breaking Down Silos in Product Development

Sigurd Seteklev, Co-founder @ Kitemaker

8 Dec 2021
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About the Episode

An interview with Sigurd Seteklev. Sigurd is the co-founder of Y Combinator backed Kitemaker, a startup that is trying to enable true cross-team collaboration and empowered product development teams. He is keen to ensure that people have the ability to step beyond JIRA, and boldy claims to be the tool that "people who want to work like Marty Cagan says" should use.

  • The story behind Kitemaker, the problems they're trying to solve, and why you need to step beyond bug trackers
  • Why it's critical to empower cross-team collaboration and getting everyone into the same tool so they don't have to log in everywhere
  • How they're hoping to use Kitemaker to help drive home "proper" product practices but how it's not possible to solve it with software alone
  • Whether he's trying to force people to work in a very specific way or whether they believe in flexibility in the process
  • The problem with dogmatically following product processes & going through the motions & the importance of cultural change
  • How good product development teams all look different, whilst not good teams look similar, and some of the hallmarks of good teams
  • How you might try to change a company that isn't working the way you want to work, and the importance of matching type of company to your interests

And much more!

Check out Kitemaker

If Kitemaker sounds good to you, why not check out Kitemaker.co and see what the fuss is about?

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You can reach out to Sigurd on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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