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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 125 - Inside the Mind the Product Acquisition - Why Now & What's Next? (with James Mayes, Evangelist @ Pendo & Co-Founder @ Mind the Product)

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Episode 125: Inside the Mind the Product Acquisition - Why Now & What's Next?

James Mayes, Evangelist @ Pendo & Co-Founder @ Mind the Product

22 May 2022

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22 May 2022 James Mayes head shot

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Content Warning - May Contain Adult Language or Themes
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About this Episode

An interview with James Mayes. James is the co-founder and former CEO of Mind the Product, one of the world's leading product communities. James came on to talk about the recent acquisition of Mind the Product by Pendo, his new role as Product Evangelist for Pendo, and some of the themes he's talking about on his travels.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • Why the Mind the Product team decided to sell themselves to Pendo in the first place, why they did it now and whether they've maintained editorial independence post-acquisition
  • Whether there was any concern that they might be doubling up or treading on each others' toes with the two sets of product conferences, podcasts and online communities
  • His new role as a Product Evangelist, what that means for Mind the Product and for Pendo, and whether he's an evangelist for product management as a whole or for Pendo's solutions
  • Whether he's the Pendo answer to John Cutler, the prospect of an arms race of content creation and whether James could beat John in an arm wrestle
  • Whether there's a growing need for product advocacy to help product people be successful & some of the similarities with developer relations teams
  • His continuing desire to support the growth of product teams and product processes but also the fundamental craft of product management
  • Some of the thoughts on his mind right now about scaling product teams through technology & the missed opportunities of many attempted digital transformations

And much more!

Contact James

You can email James at [email protected] or connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

James Mayes and me before the recording