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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 32 - How to Build an Effective Product Organisation (with Marty Cagan, Author "Empowered" & "Inspired")

Digital Transformation
Diversity & Inclusion
Product Leadership
Product Principles

Episode 32: How to Build an Effective Product Organisation

Marty Cagan, Author "Empowered" & "Inspired"

5 Feb 2021

5 Feb 2021 Marty Cagan head shot

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Content Warning - May Contain Adult Language or Themes
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About the Episode

Marty is a renowned Product Management thought leader. He has had an illustrious career at Netscape, eBay, his own original startup (acquired by IBM) and then founding the Silicon Valley Product Group consultancy. He has worked with hundreds of companies to help them build products right. He's also a widely read blogger, and author of a best-selling book on how to build products; "Inspired - How to Create Tech Products Customers Love". Now he's back with co-author and SVPG partner Chris Jones, with "Empowered - Oridinary People, Extraordinary Products" which aims to do for organisations what Inspired did for teams.

I could have spoken to Marty for hours, but here are the highlights:

  • How come Marty started SVPG after working for some of the best tech companies
  • How he got good at Product, and the role of luck in that journey
  • Why he started blogging and how that helped him get his thoughts in order for his books
  • How he's such a Product Guy that he evens writes his books iteratively
  • How come the 2nd edition of Inspired was basically a total rewrite, and whether the 1st edition has anything useful in it
  • Some of the challenges that companies face when trying to be truly Product-led
  • What to do when your company really doesn't get Product
  • How to persuade the leadership team that maybe this stuff actually does work
  • Why he is so passionate about inclusion & diversity in tech, and how he's trying to help

And much more!

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